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LORD’S ACRE AUCTION — The 35th annual Lord’s Acre Festival auction at The United Methodist Church of Frankston Family Life Center got underway at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 24 with attendees following health and safety guidelines dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The auction had been separated from the Country Store, which was held on Wednesday, Oct. 21 due to health and safety concerns. Proceeds from the auction go to help finance church and community ministries. — Citizen Photo

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FISD board votes to suspend

home learning, starting Nov. 2

Frankston ISD Board of Trustees present Monday night, Oct. 19 voted 5-0 to suspend home learning, beginning Nov. 2, the start of the third six weeks grading period, according to a report by Supt. Nicci Cook.

Supt. Cook said, in part, in a letter to Frankston ISD families:

“We are moving in a direction that we feel is best for all Frankston ISD students and staff.”

She said in the letter, “. . . the District’s health and safety measures are working. Since the beginning of school, FISD has had six confirmed cases, 6 students and 0 staff members, which is a rate of about 0.6%. None of the cases are confirmed to have originated within the district.”

In the letter, the superintendent further noted that the board discussed “the impact that remote/online instruction has made on its students and teachers.”

She said the discussions “revealed the concept of remote/online instruction has not been successful for the majority of our home learning students, and the added burden of a full-scale dual instructional system on our teachers is unsustainable.

“We believe it is time for all FISD students to return for in-person, on-campus instruction for the success of all students,” Supt. Cook wrote in the letter.

“All FISD students are to return to school as soon as possible, or at the latest by Monday, Nov. 2, 2020. . . This grace period has been established to allow parents of students affected by this decision time to evaluate educational options and determine what is best for their students,” the superintendent wrote. A partial list of options was suggested.

“Should you choose to pursue alternative means of education for your child, we wish you success beyond measure,” Supt. Cook said to parents of remote learners in the letter.

According to the current enrollment report, the vast majority of FISD students have been choosing in-person, on-campus instruction with only nine percent choosing remote learning.

“For students who have a medical attestation, test positive for COVID-19, or have to quarantine because of the virus, a remote learning option will be available (at FISD) during that specified timeframe,” the letter informs. The parents are urged to contact their students’ campus principal for more details.

The suspension was one of the items considered during the board’s regular meeting for October. Action on other items will be reported in another article HERE .

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Fifth, sixth student COVID-19 cases

at FISD due to ‘community spread’

Two more student cases of lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection have been detected at Frankston Schools and determined to have been contracted due to community spread, Supt. Nicci Cook reported in an update Monday, Oct. 19.

She said one of the cases was discovered late Friday afternoon, Oct. 16 in a student who was last on campus Wednesday, Oct. 14. The other infection  was discovered over the weekend and was a student last on campus on Thursday, Oct. 15, the superintendent said. She described the two students as siblings.

Earlier a student case was confirmed on Thursday, Oct. 8 after two students were confirmed on Tuesday, Oct. 6 to be infected with the virus and the last days they were on campus were Oct. 2 and Oct. 5, respectively, the superintendent said. Another student lab-confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 was last present on campus on Oct. 7, she said. In an earlier report, a case was also confirmed in early September.

Supt. Cook emphasized that, as far as is known, no students, so far, have been determined to have been infected while at school. The two new cases bring the total since school opening to six, she said.. (Complete Article HERE )

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