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FISD trustees employ personnel,

review Pre-K monitoring reports

Frankston School trustees Monday, May 16 employed professional personnel and reviewed Progress Monitoring Reports for Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) based on data from the Children’s Learning Institute, according to a report from Supt. Nicci Cook.

They also heard campus reports and updates on use of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds under ESSER III.

In a fairly abbreviated session, they also approved of the monthly financial report under the consent agenda.

The Pre-K report on Literacy indicated that end-of-year CLI data for all students in literacy is above projections at this time. The report indicated that, in the 2021-2022 school year, two veteran teachers taught Pre-K, the classrooms were expanded to give more learning space, and each classroom had a supporting fulltime para-professional to assist and work with students. For 2022-2023, plans call for continuing use of the same veteran teachers along with keeping a para-professional in each class.

The report on Pre-K Numeracy reflected much the same utilization of veteran teachers and para-professionals in 2021-2022 and the intent to continue that plan in 2022-2023 in light of the campus evaluation being on track.

Business Manager Randi Westbrook updated the board on the projects/supplies funded with ESSER III funds, including the HVAC, Learning Center renovations and personnel costs.

Campus principals gave their usual reports on activities and events.

Elementary Principal Melanie Blackwell recognized students who were “Outstanding Indians”, reported on the Robotics Competition, Arbor Day Tree, STAAR tests, Gifted and Talented (GT) Trip, 5th Grade Career Day, Field Day and   also reported current enrollment to be 370.

Middle School Principal Cindy Owens reported on the FFA Banquet, UIL participation celebration and events during the last week of school. She said total middle school enrollment was 192.

High School Principal Edgar Rodriguez reported on plans for Final Exam Weel, the Band Concert and Graduation. He recognized Timothy Ryals as Farm Bureau Student of the Month and Kaitlyn and Riley Webb as Teachers of the Year. He said total high school enrollment was 221 with 62 ninth graders, 57 tenth graders, 57 eleventh graders and 45 twelfth graders.

Supt. Cook confirmed the campus enrollment figures and said total district enrollment was 783, down by 11 students from the start of school in August 2021. She also reported on total COVID-19 cases since the start of school, which had not increased since March 29.

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FISD comprehensive improvement

project to utilize fund balance plan

The Frankston Independent School District Board of Trustees Monday, April 18 unanimously approved a plan for use of the district’s fund balance to finance various campus and facilities improvements, according to a report from Supt. Nicci Cook.

The improvements covered technology, elementary, middle and high schools, transportation, maintenance and athletics and total expenditure was projected to be $799,249.82.

Technology — Addition of six exterior and eight indoor security cameras to provide adequate coverage as recommended by principals and the school security officer. Cost was projected to be $32,744.20.

Elementary Campus — Addition of a Dome climber at the main playground area with school bus and Merry-Go-Cycle on the side playground. Cost projection was $7,339.63.

Middle School Campus — Updating lighting fixtures (with controls) and bulbs to LED for better lighting at lower energy costs. (Two options are to be considered.) Cost projection was $143,528.80.

High School Campus — Purchase of 90 new band uniforms to replace 12-year-old deteriorating uniforms which have unreplaceable missing pieces. The new uniforms are designed to last 12-15 years and are projected to provide for growth of the current 70-member band. Total cost was projected at $28,530.

Transportation — A) Replace five oldest buses (one 1999 and four 2005) with new buses in connection with a TCEQ Clean School Bus program grant. Estimates are that the purchase would put FISD five years ahead of the current bus replacement schedule. Savings were estimated to be $258,300 and total costs of $291,700, with possible slight changes, pending grant approval.

B) Replace cameras of all buses with state of the art devices and cloud-based software providing daily updated downloads of information. Total Cost projected at $81,326.

C) Purchase of a new Expedition vehicle, including towing package, to replace one taken out of service. Total Cost estimated at $50,085.

D) Add new Traverse vehicle to the fleet to replace two vehicles (2003 and 2006 models) about to be retired from service and the Traverse is described to fit the district’s needs. Total cost estimated at $37,299.

Maintenance — (A) Install new fencing behind the practice football field extending to the agriculture barn to prevent hogs coming onto football fields and other areas. Cost was projected to be $24,720.

B) Purchase of a Sports Turf Renovation machine for de-thatching, aeration, vertical mowing, turf leveling and infield lip removal. FISD currently was reported as spending $5,000 per year to hire verticut service. Total cost was projected at $17,145.

C) Purchase of new mower to replace two mowers which require much service. The proposed new mower will cut an eight-foot swath which will cut mowing time in half and be safer on hillsides, it was reported. Cost was projected at $31,959.19.

Athletics — A) FISD tennis courts were reported as needing resurfacing. Cost was projected at $27,872.

B) Repurposing the building at the end of the football field which is currently used for storage and space for some softball/baseball practice. Plans call for cleaning out the building, adding retractable nets, updating lighting and looking at new flooring ideas. Cost was projected at $25,000.

Additional actions, reports on the April 18 meeting in  separate article HERE .

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Frankston Council eyes grant funds

for improvements at Water Well #3

The Frankston City Council voted at their April meeting to utilize $108,750 received in a grant under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 for purchase of a backup generator for Water Well No. 3, located on the hill in north Frankston, according to unofficial minutes reported by City Secretary Kelli Casey Landreth-Smith.

As part of the the procedure to approve the expenditure, the Council voted to amend the Grant Line item in the Water and Sewer Budget to add the $108,750 received in the grant. They also approved paperwork required to obtain bids to consummate the project.

The Council also accepted a bid of $12,291 from S&S Roofing for replacing the roof on the City Hall. They also approved amending the City Hall Budget under Property Maintenance by $12,300 to account for the new roof project. The bid allows for the installation of 30-year shingles, according to the minutes.


In other action, the Council completed a process which would be required for any future possible granting of a tax abatement by Frankston Packaging, formerly known as Frankston Paper Box Co. The Council approved entering into a Abatement Agreement with the company as part of the process.

The Council also heard a Racial Profiling Report from Police Chief Darren Goodman which explained findings on the report. The Council found no issues in the report and approved it unanimously.

Staff reports were given by Police Chief Goodman, and Linda Howell, Court; Michael Hatton, Water; Doug Hicks, Frankston VFD and Ken Fiihr, Streets.

Included in announcements were a Bulk Item pickup on May 24, the Farmers Market on April 16, the Art Walk on the Square on April 30 and the Concert in the Park on June 4.

Frankston EDC board awards museum AC bid    See Story HERE 

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