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FISD trustees approve pressing issues,

hear summary on ESSER funds sought 

Frankston School trustees Monday, July 19 approved four items of pressing business without dissent and received a report that the FISD will apply for $1,129,642 in federal Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER III) funds designed to be used to mitigate problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report by Supt. Nicci Cook.

Supt. Cook reported that the board appointed a delegate and alternate to serve as FISD trustees’ representatives for the Texas Assn. of School Boards Delegate Assembly, set a date for the public hearing on the school tax rate and budget, renewed contracts with Anderson and Henderson counties for the collection of ad valorem property taxes, and approved a bid to replace all wood with metal on existing visitor bleachers at Jeff and Opal Austin Stadium.

Supt. Cook reported that a budget summary of ESSER funds to be sought included $400,057 in payroll costs, $106,952 in professional and contracted services, $237,633 in other operating costs and $385,000 in capital outlay.

The board selected J.R. Newman as the delegate and Dustin Holladay as alternate for the TASB Delegate Assembly.

They set the public hearing on the tax rate and budget for Monday, Aug. 16, with a detailed notice to follow.

They also approved the bid of C&R Seating, Inc. for the visitors’ bleachers repair.

As part of the consent agenda, the board approved the appraisers and appraisal calendar for teacher evaluations in 2021-22.

The trustees heard a report on changes in the FISD Student Dress Code for 2021-22. In the middle school and high school, the code change provides that jeggings, leggings, yoga pants and spandex shorts are not permitted. In elementary school only, the code provides the following guidance: Jeggings, leggings, yoga pants and spandex shorts are only permitted with tops that cover a student’s bottom constantly, with the front of the shirts not tucked in or shorter than the back of the shirt. Spandex shorts are not allowed. Additionally the code provides that skin above the knees shall not be visible in shorts, pants or jeans. Parenthetically it was explained that this was done for students who have a hole in clothing above the knee but it is covered by material.

In other reports and updates by the superintendent, the trustees were informed of a track update by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) regarding HB 547 which addresses Homeschool Participation. It was explained that there are still too many unknowns from the UIL so the FISD is not allowing it. In order to participate in varsity athletics, a district has to notify UIL by Aug. 1. However, if FISD decides after that date to include homeschool students, they can still participate in sub-varsity athletics, music and academics for the remainder of the school year, it was reported.

A budget workshop was set for Thursday, Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. and it was announced that Virtual On Demand workshops are available through July 31.

The board also discussed personnel and salaries, the Career Technical Education coordinators’ workshop and board agendas.

Discussed were the hiring of personnel and salaries needed to attract the best applicants. Also, in order for the board to better understand the CTE program, it was decided that a yet to be named CTE coordinator will attend board meetings and give updates and other clarifying information. Also deadlines for including items on the board agenda were discussed and clarified in keeping with board policy.

After closed executive session, the trustees voted 6-0 to employ professional personnel. Jeff Teague from Athens ISD was employed as assistant principal at middle/high school, necessitated by a change of duties of existing personnel. Supt. Cook said Jensy Bizzell will be assuming duties as the English Language Arts (ELA) interventionist teacher for middle and high school to help students who are behind due to COVID-19 impediments. The position is to be funded through the ESSER budget, she said.

Following the regular board meeting, the trustees attended a Training Meeting on “Team Building” presented by Dr. Cindy Woody, an education professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Frankston Council eyes additional police,

cost study on future street repair project 

The Frankston City Council Tuesday, July 13 discussed the employment of additional police officers and approved preliminary study of a proposal for a future street repair project at their regular meeting at City Hall, according to unofficial minutes reported by City Secretary Kelli Landreth-Smith.

The Council heard Corey Frentress of Frentress Engineering explain the scope of work needed to complete preliminary cost estimates as well as the cost of the project. The Council approved $2,600 upfront plus $900 for followup meetings on the cost estimate procedure. Council member Johnnie Day made the motion and Council member Greg Main seconded. Those members present and voting, Day, Greg Main and Lesia Main all voted in favor.

The Council members discussed adding a seventh full-time police officer. Mayor Tommy Carr spoke about the importance of providing 24/7 coverage. During the discussion Council member Greg Main asked about the current sixth position which has not been filled and expressed a concern about adding a seventh position and whether or not it could be filled. Mayor Carr said he wanted to introduce the subject so it could be discussed in more detail at the upcoming budget meeting.

That special budget meeting was approved by the Council unanimously for Wednesday, July 21 at 2:30 p.m.

Also scheduled to be discussed at the budget meeting was renewal of the annual contract with the Frankston Depot Library and Museum. The Council tabled consideration of that contract until the special budget meeting.

In other action, the Council approved a re-plat of a lot on Reed Street to include a garage and driveway in the plat.  They also approved re-plat of lot 15/16 in Tract A,  dividing it into two lots. Both were approved unanimously.

In other discussion, Council member Lesia Main discussed the need for an ordinance banning fireworks inside the city limits.

Staff reports were given by Doug Hicks, Frankston Volunteer Fire Department; Police Chief Darren Goodman; Michael Hatton, water and sewer; Ken Fhiir, streets; and Linda Howell, Municipal Court.

Patriotic Celebration Crowd

PATRIOTIC CELEBRATION CROWD — A large crowd attended the 15th  Community Patriotic Celebration Sunday, June 27 at the Family Life Center of The United Methodist Church of Frankston. Featured speaker was Dayton Robertson, a military veteran and son of Sam and Beverly Robertson of Frankston. Local singers and choirs and the audience participated in patriotic music. Members of the armed services and nurses who sacrificed to treat COVID-19 patients were honored. — Citizen Photo

Large crowd attends Community

Patriotic Celebration on June 27

A large crowd of Frankston area residents and visitors heard a Houston engineer,  military veteran and son of a Frankston couple challenge them to build “A More Perfect Union” in an entertaining, inspiring and enlightening speech Sunday, June 27 at the Community Patriotic Celebration hosted at The United Methodist Church of Frankston Family Life Center.

Flag Presentation

Dayton Robertson, son of Sam and Beverly Robertson of Frankston, gave the audience some lessons in history, and emphasized that while we may fall short in perfecting our union, we should individually and collectively strive for perfection as a goal.

He cited several ways we could work toward the goal by our actions personally and toward one another, both in our personal lives and as patriotic citizens of our nation.

(See Complete Story and More Photos HERE )

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