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2022-2023  BASKETBALL

Indians, Maidens sweep Pool

games in Frankston Tourney

The Frankston Indians and Maidens advanced in Pool Play on the first day of the 2022 Frankston Invitational Tournament on Thursday, Dec. 8.

The Maidens started out first in a game in the early afternoon with a hotly contested win over Tyler Grace 53-48. That game was followed later in the afternoon with the Indians scoring a 50-44 victory over Tyler Heat which went down to the wire.

Still later, the Maidens went up against the Trinity Tigers and dominated the game 78-18, holding the Trinity team to single digits in every quarter.

Pllaque presented Coach Loper 12-8-22

LOPER HONORED — Former Frankston boys basketball coach Robert Loper was honored with this presentation by FISD trustee Ryan Bizzell during the Ded-ication of the recently named “Robert Loper Coliseum” be-tween Indians and Maidens FHS Tournament games Thursday evening, Dec. 8. — Citizen Photo 

After that win, the dedication ceremony was held for the Robert Loper Coliseum, named by the school trustees early this year for the former veteran boys basketball coach Robert Loper, who coached Indians boys teams for 28 years and had 610 wins and 22 playoff appearances. For his distinguished coaching career, Coach Loper was named to the Texas Assn. of Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.  

After that presentation and early in the evening, the Indians took to the floor against Woden and used a strong defense and timely baskets to win 47-28.

In the Maidens game against Grace, the Maidens and Grace battled to an 11-11 tie in the first quarter and Grace took the second quarter 12-11 to lead 23-22 at halftime. However, the Maidens came back strong in the second half, outscoring the Grace team 15-13 in the third quarter and 16-13 in the final period to earn their five-point win.

Leading the Maidens to a victory was Wila Davis who bested an earlier season high of 30 points with a 31-point performance. She scored seven points in the first quarter, eight points in the second period, 13 in the third and three in the fourth period. Kaysie Nabors and Mya Mitchell each scored 9 points, both with four goals inside and a free throw each. They combined for nine of the fourth quarter winning points and a two-point goal by Nabors in the waning seconds put the game out of reach for Grace. Bandy Bizzell’s and Kaysiah Burnett’s 2 points each in the final quarter along with Davis’ 3 helped secure the win.

The Indians started the game against Tyler Heat with an impressive first quarter lead of 16-3, thanks largely to the shooting of seniors Kody Loebig and Kason Newport of whom three of their five baskets were three-point goals. Then Tyler Heat bounced back with a 16-15 edge in the second period to narrow the Indians lead at halftime to 31-19. The Heat had a big third quarter, outscoring the Indians 13-7 and trailing by just six points 38-32. The final quarter was a 12-12 tie with six key free throws and a key basket by Caleb Ramsey securing the victory.

Ramsey’s 9 of 10 free throw, four goals inside and a three point goal gave him a leading 20 points. Kody Loebig’s two threes and two inside gave him 10 points. 6-6 senior Ke’Aundre Barnes had two inside goals and a free throw for 9 points. Senior Newport had a three-pointer and two inside for 7 points. Freshman A.J. Donnell  had 3, on an inside goal and a free throw. Austin Carr added a point on a free throw.

In the Trinity game, the Maidens outscored the Lady Tigers 19-2, 23-3, 17-7 and 19-6 in the dominate win.

Again Wila Davis led Maiden scorers, this time with 29, including three 3-pointers, 9 near the basket and two free throws. Mitchell scored 12 points on five two-point goals and a couple of free throws. Bandy Bizzell had 10 with a three-pointer, three inside and a free throw. Lynsie Bizzell scored 8 on two inside and 4 of 5 at the free throw line. Burnett had 6 points on three near the basket. Mariyah Hatton had 5 on one three and a two-point goal. Nabors had 3 on a two-pointer and a free throw. Desirae Hatton and Aryonna Hatton each had 2 and Kaylee Davis had 1.

In the nightcap, the Indians led Woden 8-4 in the first quarter and 16-10 in the second for a 24-14 halftime lead. The Indians padded their lead with an 8-2 third quarter and took the fourth quarter 15-12 to assure the victory.

Ramsey again led scorers with 22 points, going 2 of 2 at the free throw line and hitting two three-pointers to go with 7 inside goals. Loebig had 8 points on two 3-pointers and an inside goal. Benton Allen had three inside and a free throw for 7 points. Barnes hit a couple of layups for 4 points. Freshman Davis Holladay sank a three-point goal. Sophomore Tyler Rogers was 2 of 2 in free throws and Kason Newsport had a single free throw.

The Maidens will now go against Alba Golden in the final Pool A game at 12:30 p.m. Friday in the Robert Loper Coliseum.

The Indians will go against the winner of the Friday 12:30 p.m. game 3 winner at 7:15 p.m. Friday night in the Loper Coliseum.

In other pool play action for the boys on Thursday, Grace defeated Arp 84-31; Grapeland won over Troup 61-53; Tyler Heat downed Woden 55-47 in overtime; Beckville defeated Grace 63-40; Cayuga edged Troup 46-40; Beckville dominated Arp 92-31 and Grapeland downed Cayuga 52-39.

In other pool play action for the girls on Thursday, Timpson defeated Malakoff 45-31; Neches won over Timpson 49-35; Grace downed Alba Golden 51-38; Alba Golden defeated Trinity 53-18; and Neches won over Athens 59-42. Then early on Friday, Timpson defeated Athens 56-39.

On Friday morning and early afternoon the pool schedule is as follows for the Loper Coliseum:

10 a.m. — Timpson vs. Athens (Girls) See Above.

11:15 a.m. — Game #1 (Boys Bracket)

12:30 p.m. — Frankston vs. Alba Golden (Girls)

1:45 p.m. — Game #4 (Boys Bracket)

On Friday morning and early afternoon the pool schedule is as follows for the Ousley middle school gym:

10 a.m. — Trinity vs. Tyler Grace (Girls)

11:15 — Game #2 (Boys Bracket)

12:30 p.m. — Game #3 (Boys Bracket)

1:45 p.m. — Neches vs. Malakoff (Girls)

On Friday afternoon and evening the bracket game schedule is as follows for the Ousley gym:

3:30 p.m. — Girls Bracket Game  #2

4:45 p.m. — Game #5 (Boys Bracket)

6 p.m. — Game #6 (Boys Bracket)

7:15 p.m. — Girls Bracket Game #4

On Saturday, at the Loper Coliseum the following games will be played:

10:30 a.m. — Game #10 (Boys Bracket)

12 noon — Girls #7 3rd Place

1:30 p.m. — Boys #12 Consolation

3 p.m. — Boys #13 3rd Place

4:30 p.m. — Girls Championship

6 p.m. — Boys Championship

 Meanwhile on Saturday, at the Ousley Middle School gym: 

10:30 a.m. Game #9 (Boys Bracket)

12 noon — Girls #5

1:30 p.m. — Girls #6 Consolation

3 p.m. — Game #11 (Boys Bracket

(See Tournament Pool Play, Brackets HERE )

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Maidens fall to Athens 45-32

in non-district basketball play

The Frankston Maidens varsity basketball team fell 45-32 to the Athens Lady Hornets Tuesday, Dec. 6 at Athens in a non-district game against the 4A team, according to Christi Coker, Maidens coach.

The Maidens started strong against Athens in the first quarter, leading 10-5, but the Lady Hornets outscored the Maidens 19-6 in the second period and led 24-16 at halftime. Athens outscored the Maidens 13-6 in the third period to lead 35-22 going into the fourth quarter. The two teams tied 10-10 in the final period, but it was not enough for the Maidens to overcome earlier Athens scoring.

Wila Davis led Maidens scorers with 12 points, largely thanks to an 8 of 9 performance at the free throw line. Kaysie Nabors sank 9 points on four inside goals and a free throw. Mya Mitchell had 6 points on two 2-point goals and a couple of free throws. Bandy Bizzell had 3 points on a goal inside and a free throw. Desirae Hatton had a single goal inside for 2 points.

The Maidens will be participating in the Frankston Tournament Dec. 8-10, playing Tyler Grace in Pool play at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8 at the Robert Loper Coliseum.

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Flyers dominate Yantis team

in non-district contest Dec. 6

The LaPoynor Flyers dominated Yantis in every quarter Tuesday, Dec. 6 to score a 103-45 non-district win on the road, according to a report by Flyers Coach Jim Reid.

In the first quarter, the Flyers had a 25-17 advantage and a 31-15 surge in the second period to lead 56-32 at halftime. They continued their scoring advantage in the second half while holding the Yantis team to single digits. The Flyers took the third quarter 25-9 and the fourth quarter 22-4 to earn their impressive victory.

Five Flyers players scored in double figures. Cooper Gracey scored 2l points, thanks to hitting 8 of 13 baskets inside, a three-point goal and 2 of 5 from the free throw line. Mann Scott got 20 points with 2 of 2 three-pointers, 6 of 8 inside and 2 of 2 free throws. Cort Reid scored 16 with 3 of 6 three-point goals, 3 of 8 inside and a free throw. Evan Almeida had 14 points with 2 of 6 three-pointers and 4 of 6 near the basket. Dijuan Whitehead sank 13 points, 6 of 6 inside and a free throw. Matt Driskell had 7 with a three-point goal and two inside. Jackson Young and Daniel Scott scored 6 each with three baskets each near the goal.

Gracey had 14 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals. Young, Reid, Almeida and D. Scott each had 6 rebounds. Young had 4 assists, Reid 7 and  Almeida 9. M. Scott and Driskell 5 rebounds. M. Scott had 3 assists and 3 steals. Driskell had 5 assists and three steals. Almeida and D. Scott each had a block.

The Flyers varsity will be in the Central Heights Tournament on Dec. 8-10.

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Maidens win third place at SlocumTournament

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Mineola edges Indians 32-26 for White Oak Tourney 3rd Place

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Flyers defeat Louisiana team

85-58 in Red River Hoopfest

The LaPoynor Flyers defeated Lakeview, LA 85-58 Saturday, Dec. 3 at Texarkana in the Red River Hoopfest, according to Flyers Coach Jim Reid.

The two teams were tied 17-17 in the first quarter but the Flyers picked up the scoring pace and outscored Lakeview 22-8 to take a 39-25 lead into the halftime intermission.

LaPoynor continued their scoring pace in the second half, taking the third quarter 22-16 to go into the fourth quarter with a 61-41 lead. They outscored Lakeview 24-17 in the final period. ( See Complete Article HERE ) • © The frankston citizen 1999-2022