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Rainbow House Food Pantry

seeking sustaining donations

The Rainbow House Food Pantry is in need of donations  of both non-perishable foods and money to sustain its operation, according to Kay Randle, coordinator and chairperson of the Mission project.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, giving was much easier, but when limited gathering with others in church and elsewhere became a reality, donations declined, she said. Several fund-raising events to support the Rainbow House, such as the “I Can Walk for Hunger” walkathon and “The Little Red Christmas Truck”, had raised much money and they had to be suspended, the coordinator said.

She noted that Frankston ISD, local Scouts and the post office continue to hold food drives which help, and Rainbow House is very grateful for the funds raised by these organizations, but some of those efforts have ended or been reduced. It was pointed out that those events brought in many donations.

Lately, some have observed that church members and others in the community might not realize that the Rainbow House exists strictly from donations since it is not directly funded through Frankston Methodist Church, Mrs. Randle said. She said that, although Rainbow House no longer pays for use of the church’s Family Life Center or pays a part of the electric bill, no direct church funding is given.

“Rainbow House is a mission project of the FMC and the church only provides the facility and electricity for the project,” she emphasized.

Mrs. Randle said that all this means that Rainbow House needs help from individuals and other community sources to continue to serve families in the area who need help.

If anyone or any organization wants to donate food and/or money and is not already a regular donor, they may do so by check directly to the Rainbow House or to the  church, stipulated for the Rainbow House, the coordinator said. Money received by the church is handled through a separate fund apart from the General Fund used to operate the church, she said.

“Thank you for your support, though donations, volunteer work and prayers for Rainbow House,” Mrs. Randle said.


RAINBOW HOUSE — The Rainbow House Food Pantry  was held on Tuesday, July 27 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Frankston Methodist Church Family Life Center. During the day a large number of families were served.

Rainbow House food and clothing distribution  for April will be on its regular schedule inside the Family Life Center on the fourth Tuesday, Aug. 22. Donations of food and/or money will be accepted to help offset food price increases and serve clients. (See above article) (More information HERE  )


St. Charles Borromeo Food Pantry 6-5-23

St. Charles Borromeo Pantry

serves need for food in area

St. Charles Borromeo Food Pantry gives food to people in need on the second Thursday of every month.

The next drive-through Food Pantry will be on Thursday, July 13 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The Food Pantry is located at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church on SH 155 in north Frankston.

On Thursday, June 8 the Food Pantry served a large number of  people.

Pantry workers point out that there is a great need for food assistance in the Frankston area and they want to get the word out to as many in need as possible.

The St. Charles Borromeo Food Pantry also has a Facebook Page at: .


LITTLE FREE PANTRY — Members of the Lake Palestine United Methodist Church, overlooking Lake Palestine, are shown restocking the Little Free Pantry, which is available to provide food for those who need it for one reason or another. The church finances purchase of the food by donations and projects. — Citizen File Photo


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