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The Frankston Citizen Online

“A Community-owned Media Project”

Publishers: THE Frankston Citizen, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company

Managing Members: W. J. Dwyer, Joe W. Tindel Sr., Nicci Cook, Mike Henderson and Jerry Beard

E-mail address:  publisher@frankstoncitizen.com

Acting Editor and Webmaster: Joe W. Tindel Sr.,  former publisher, 1973-2005

The Frankston Citizen Online is a digital media project, owned and managed by Frankston area leaders as the successor to The Frankston Citizen weekly newspaper, a print publication which had suspended operation, effective Sept. 5, 2019, after 109 years under ownership of various private individuals or families. The current publishers acquired The Citizen, assuming the management and production of The Frankston Citizen Online website by an arrangement with the immediate former owner, in preparation for the ultimate transfer of ownership.

The new publisher, THE Frankston Citizen LLC, and its managing members launched the project in response to numerous requests for a continuation of the legacy of the historic community newspaper. The publishers may continue the digital version of the newspaper, in one form or another, while remaining open to the prospect that the legacy can be successively continued as a traditional print publication, supplementing any digital medium. Efforts by the former publisher to find a successor owner/editor of The Citizen print newspaper were not successful, but the new publishers plan to continue to pursue those efforts, when possible.

The Frankston Citizen Online and any supplements or successors will be continued by the new publishers as a public service community enterprise until such time as a suitable alternative is achieved, or until community support for the enterprise is no longer detected. Our thanks to those community members, news sources and volunteers who have helped successfully sustain the project so far. Their continued support, along with successful efforts to acquire suitable personnel to sustain operation  will be crucial to the success of this endeavor.

Acceptance of paid classified and display advertising to promote financial viability are currently in the planning stage. Any proceeds in the future from such advertising will be used to sustain operation, provide capital improvements or support worthy local projects.

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