A Notice to Readers

To Our Loyal Readers

It is with considerable regret that, by the end of July 2023, regular updates of local area news on The Frankston Citizen Online website will be discontinued.

The website will no longer be updated, but the archives of stories and pictures posted during the past three years are in the process of being donated to and preserved for reference at the Frankston Depot Library and will continue to be accessible for an indefinite time at www.frankstoncitizen.com . The name “The Frankston Citzen” and all its unencumbered assets, tamgible and intangible, will then be the property of the Frankston Depot Library and Museum, Inc. and managed by its Board of Directors and the library staff.

Once the archive and necessary facilities are transferred and the library staff oriented on its management, current obituaries will be posted regularly in the archive by the library staff. During that process, efforts will be made to update posting of current obituaries and preserving obituary archives. While local-related obituaries will be obtained, when possible, from area funeral homes, families may contact the library to post obituaries of family members whose obituaries are posted by funeral homes elsewhere.

Joe W. Tindel Sr., acting editor and webmaster, who had owned and edited The Frankston Citizen weekly newspaper from 1973 to 2005, came out of retirement to guide this project. However, he has decided to go back into retirement and/or pursue other projects or interests as well as assisting in the smooth transfer of the archives. He realizes that his services cannot continue indefinitely and there are responsibilities which are priorities for his attention at this time in his life. Efforts to find a person or entity to step forward and continue the website news coverage have been elusive.

He has expressed his appreciation for the news sources, readers and other friends who supported and inspired the effort to preserve the legacy of the newspaper during the three years the website was produced after the newpaper suspension in September 2019.

Preparation of the archives website is underway and will be completed hopefully by the end of July. Until that time, the coverage will continue at www.frankstoncitizen.com with relevant current articles. Archives of articles posted since the website was converted will also continue in their current format.   

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