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Made on a Mac

Jennifer Miller was promoted to sergeant during the Jan. 9 meeting of the Frankston City Council. Miller has been working with the Frankston Police Department since 2010. Chief Darren Goodman, who pinned her new sergeant badge, said the first time he met her was during a burglary in progress. With no advance knowledge of her fellow police officer, Miller and Goodman entered a house and took a suspect by gunpoint. “She had no hesitation and a ‘get it done’ attitude,” the chief said. Since then, Miller has become a criminal investigator for the department. “She is an asset to the municipal judge and the court. She has a vast knowledge of the law,” the chief said. Mayor Eugene Brooks congratulated Miller and thanked her for the work she does for the city.

Tripp Hallmark and Addison Blackwell were the two sixth grade winners for the DARE essay contest. Both of the students were given a bike by Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor on Thursday, Jan. 11, during the graduation ceremony. Frankston sixth graders participate in DARE where they learn about finding the courage to do the right thing and learn how to make good decisions. The class is taught by Deputy Pat Douthit-Green.

Frankston Mighty Indian Band member Natelie Jones, left, has advanced to State playing the bass clarinet. She and Emily Cook, right, competed at the Area band competition on Saturday, Jan. 13, at Chapel Hill High School.