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Five classes held reunions on Saturday, Oct. 20. Members of the Class of 1976 are, front row: Becky Martin Pemberton, Pam Belcher Bostick, Joan Bostick Malone, Debbie Brannon VanDeman, Lynn Dickerson Palmer, Kathy Herrington Mabe. On the Back Row are Gary Worlow, Bobby Harris, John Bloxom, Steve Folmar. Also attending but not pictured are: Bobby Walker, Gary Beard, Evie Sweeney House and Chuck Dallas.

Members of the Frankston High School Class of 1977 joined for a reunion on Saturday, Oct. 20. Pictured on the front row are: David Corley, Pamela Baker Dennis and Larry Costlow. On the middle row: Brenda Fisher Wheeler, Margie Herrington Grissom and Cindy Doughty Walker. And on the back row are: Mike Ellis, Dan Lade and Bobby Walker.

Members of the Frankston High School Class of 1978 include on the front row: Jeff Hyde, Cliff Goodwin and Ronnie Lang. On the second row are Jill Riley Hyde, Brenda Dickerson Lawson, Susan Todd Campbell, Randy Tipton, Tammy Bostick, Becky Whitehurst McAfee and Keith Walker. On the back row are: Sam Hicks, Kim Baker Taylor, Anita Holt Dingler, Cindy Marshburn Wimpee and Patty K Perry Worlow. Also attending but not pictured are: Steve Beard, David Booth and Billy (Dude) Bacon.

Members of the Frankston High School Class of 1979 include, front row: Sharon Williams Marshall, Linda Wheeler Rodgers, Kelly Mason Black, Timothy Vest and Brad Terrell. On the second row are: Pamela Donnell Ross, Sonya Burris, JoAnn Hilton Postert, Debbie Dickerson Edmonson and Kelly Walding Gilbert. On the back row are Carl House and Mark Brandon. Also attending but not pictured is Cathy Sweeney Carver.

Members of the Frankston High School Class of 1980 include: Front row: Rose Coleman Warren, Suzanne Hyde Beddingfield, Leslie Ellis Green, Ray Beddingfield, Rhonda Baker Coleman and Elisa Bizzell. Second row: Sonya Harris White, Cindy House Sabulsky, Carol Campbell Steiger, Sabrina Todd Neal, Gay Riley Pfund, Karen Johnson Edwards, Tina Wheat and Larry Goodwin. And on the back row are: Fred Stanley, Mark Wagley, Steve Fisher, Scott Welch, Tyrone Dewberry, Johnny Wheeler and Gordon Worlow. Not pictured is Jay Boles